Teen Vogue brings us back to life

After seeing this Teen Vogue ed we officially declare Sporty Chic our favorite trend for Spring! Something inside us just wants to scream "YES" to Dries windbreakers, Kim Jones track pants and Norma Kamali sweatshirts.
What a breath of fresh air from all the overpowering retro frills everywhere!! Acidic yellow, electric blue - so exciting!

We're still on the fence about backpacks tho. There's just something inescapably touristo about them. But we promise to reconsider if we see it on Mary-Kate Olsen. *Just kidding*

We can't even remember the last time we liked anything DKNY, but anoraks are decidedly Donna Karan territory. It's her time again.

You absolutely must get the February Teen Vogue. If not for fashion, than for our favorite Russian lesbian on the cover.

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