Kate Middleton revived the headdress that Anne Boleyn put in fashion

The royal christening of Prince Louis of Cambridge was held on Monday. Hundreds of people gathered outside the church of St. Mary Magdalene to be part of this important event of British royals.

For its part, Kate Middleton dazzled with a look worthy of a future queen. The Duchess wore a tailored white dress by designer Alexander McQueen, who designed her acclaimed wedding dress in 2011 and the look she also wore at the baptisms of Charlotte and George.

But what caught our attention was the accessory in his head designed by Jane Taylor. The piece reminded us of the classic French headdress implemented by Anne Boleyn in the English court during the sixteenth century.

Anne Boleyn had been brought up in the French court so when she arrived in England (her home country) she imported the fashion gala, which became popular exponentially.

The French hood is a headdress similar to the Russian kokoshnik, however they are not related. It is a kind of headband with a lot of volume which is placed on the front of the head but always leaving hair exposed at the front.

On this occasion, the duchess's headdress had flowers on the side, something unusual for this type of accessory. However, this could be a renovation of the old ornament.

What is clear to us is that, like Anne Boleyn in her time, Kate Middleton is an English fashion guru and we will undoubtedly be seeing this French headdress more often in the official events of royalty.

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