Look sexy

Dear friend, take note of these tips that will assure you a sexier look and you will look radiant:

* Wrap your silhouette in purple, lilac, lavender, green, red, orange, beige, yellow, pink and sky blue. Silver gray and black make you look mighty sexy.

* The main fabrics that you can use are wool, lace, silk muslin, satin, selected pictures and feline prints.
* Use a tube type lack that gives freshness to your look. It is worn below the knee. Combine it with blouses with bows tucked inside and blouse sets with sweater. Or else, masculine cut trousers, which are worn with blouses and very fitted jackets.

* As for footwear you can use: rounded tips, thick heel and ankle. For the day, the most comfortable thing is to wear low dancers. At night, your best friend of the heels.

* You can also wear the neck blouses, which are versatile, comfortable and practical. They are tight and with a dash of imagination combine easily and fight the coldest days. And the perfect complement are fitted jackets or tight knit sweaters.

* And of course do not forget the bag that is the star complement of women. For the day, it is better to opt for a large one with daring colors and details. At night, choose a small handbag with embroidered flowers or vintage drawings.

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