Yves Saint Laurent will open the Beauty Hotel in New York

The concept that captivated other cities comes to the big apple only during Fashion Week.

A hotel like no other signed by Yves Saint Laurent will arrive in New York next September, this only during Fashion Week. We refer to the hotel of beauty, a concept that has been successful in cities such as Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Madrid.

The beauty hotel of Yves Sant Laurent is unique. In its five floors you will find all the splendor of the most recent novelties of the brand in makeup and beauty, so it will be the place to go during the two days of its opening in the big city.

It will be on September 8 and 9 when the doors of a house in the town of Soho open to welcome thousands of women who will experience one of the greatest experiences surrounded by the best makeup experts, who will share the best tips to look radiant with the products of Yves Saint Laurent.

In other cities, the beauty hotel of YSL the logo has served as a source of inspiration, in addition the purple color has predominated on the floors of the hotel, with neon facilities that have been perfect scenario for visitors to capture the best images.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit it, since the hotel will only be open a couple of days during the New York Fashion Week, and therefore, it will be very coveted by the women who love Yves Saint Laurent. The tickets are already available through the official website of the brand. We do not expect less from Yves Saint Lauren, so we are sure that your arrival in the fashion capital, New York, will be accompanied by other surprises, such as exclusive parties and the best experts.

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