These will be the masculine trends in sunglasses in winter

Vintage or contemporary? From the new Ray-Ban and Zegna to reinterpretations of the classics.

From the ancient China of the twelfth century sunglasses with flat smoky quartz crystals began to form part of the attire of men and women of the time. Also the inhabitants of the villages of the different Arctic regions of our continent wear glasses to protect themselves from the reflection of the snow since ancient times. Today, sunglasses have become an almost indispensable part of the outfit of any human being in cities of all kinds, either for a simple aesthetic issue or for protection from exposure to God Febo.

With these premises its use has been intensified and to date use them has become a matter of fashion and trend, so in Forbes Life we ​​make the appropriate recommendation so that before the arrival of winter boreal our readers face the cold with great excellence.

If at the beginning of this year the mirrored "Aviators" were the highlight on the catwalks of the world, the brands have decided to radically change leaving behind mirrors giving way to degraded crystals in brown, blue, green and gray, as in the case of Tom Ford , Gucci and the manufacturer of glasses par excellence, Ray-Ban. If you adopt a classic style with subtle touches of audacity, these are the choice and especially if you fondly keep memories of Tom Cruise in the film Top Gun.

For lovers of vintage, there are two options that are indispensable from here for those outfits that preserve the classic as the axis of elegance. We recommend the classic Persol 649, whose irruption in the market dates from the year '57, when the firm "Per il sol" - from there its apocope -, began to manufacture them for the drivers of the trams of Turin that needed lenses to protect the Eyes of wind and dust.

All with Wayfarers

Other fundamentals for lovers of retro are the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, conceived by the North American designer Raymond Stegeman, responsible for dozens of designs for the former Bausch & Lomb, now Luxóttica. To substantiate our preference, we maintain that his excellent personality and design have transformed the Wayfarer into an object of worship, even since the sex symbol of the golden age of Hollywood, Kim Novak, was portrayed on the Riviera, wearing some back in 1954.

Madonna and Audrey Hepburn in Wayfarers and Steve McQueen wearing Persian 629.

While Marilyn Monroe appeared using the model, it was Audrey Hepburn who took him to stardom in his film "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in 1961, based on the eponymous book by Truman Capote. However, they are our eternal favorites, first for their miraculous fit and then for their popularity in the world of music and film, as they have seen artists like Michael Jackson, Debbie Harry -the singer of Blondie-, Madonna , the Depeche Mode, Elvis Costello, plus members of U2 and Queen, actor Jack Nicholson and many others.

Although the latest Ray-Ban collection exhibits a Clubmasters design (typical of Malcolm X) in wood and Ermenegildo Zegna offers a Couture of the same material as an innovative trend 2018, our `must' proposes a larger format and extremely elegant with striking prints and even camouflaged as is the case of the remastered classics Cazal 163 and 623 that propose a lens eye of up to 59 mm, placing the German brand of designer Cari Zalloni, in the category 'oversized'.

The incredible Cazal 163
The Clubmaster in wood

High-end sports

We arrived at the time of the extra-large and our highlights are two, one current: Porsche P8478 -derived from the Carrera Design 5621- and another vintage, super luxury, such as the Alpina M1 -difficult to find since they have been discontinued , except in, to 599 Euros-. The P8478, are a kind of XL aviators of interchangeable crystals made of titanium, which promise a long life. They come available in four sizes, counting the largest ones with a 69 mm eye that make them distinguished and full coverage for the visual radio.

The versatile and impressive Porsche Design P8478

In the vintage field, a close case is the Alpina M1, denominated by many as the "perfect lens". Handmade in the former German Federal Republic, they gained popularity with icons such as Stevie Wonder and Rick Ross. The M1 were the best sellers of the 80s and have an aluminum design, although some models are in 24 carat gold. Collectors report the existence of numerous combinations ranging from black aluminum with black details, silver on silver, gold and aluminum in pink (!!!), among many others.

And the last chosen ones are two, one with a high-tech spirit such as the acetate and metal double saddles presented by Dior in its most recent collection - call them DiorFraction1 or DiorPressure in 925 silver - and the other, always valid for the more bohemian public, are the circulars made famous by John Lennon, re-versioned by Cazal in his brand new 002, acetate and metal with gold bath 24 carats.

The imposing DiorPressure in 925 silver

Disruptive in essence, here are the Cazal 002

The recommendations are made, whether you are trendy spirit, adventurous or just a lover or collector of optical parts, our list has what the good luxury consumer appreciates: exquisite manufacturing, disruptive designs and, above all, a deep sense of elegance.

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