Calvin Klein autumn 2018

Style and freedom are elements that articulate the wide crucible that Calvin Klein offers through his garments: elegance with a renewed spirit. This is the approaching trend for autumn.

Since its birth half a century ago, Calvin Klein has carried an incomparable flexibility that allows him to reconfigure himself each season, as an emphatic icon of the fashion of his time, marking a singular trend; a risky firm that is characterized by always encompassing the multiplicity and discursive extremes of clothing and fashion, achieving a balance of high personality: class and fun, elegance and freedom, versatile uniqueness.

Faithful to that spirit, Calvin Klein presents this season with a harmonious, colorful and daring look, which in turn retakes the basics of every occasion without losing its genuine sense of solid colors, emphasizing the personality, although harmonizing a sense of loose reinvention , in line with the environment and our day to day.

Aware that the pace of constant changes in the contemporary world demands a versatility that allows freedom and flexibility, Calvin Klein incorporates in all its garments a special care and attention in the current lifestyle, who chooses the multiplicity of activities, environments and purposes in the same day, working for both indoor and outdoor, colorful and reinventing the "must have" of the season.

It is a rich and bold collection in solid colors, which maintains the warmth and emotionalism in its fabrics. Reliability relaxed: the protagonists of the brand this season adds long-sleeved shirts, pants, or merino as a nice material in the foreground.

If we go carefully to the garments of this line, we will find, in the shirts for example, that the patterns and blocks of solid color are protagonists, harmonizing in a unique way with brushed fabrics and light flannels that go with the firm trend. Also, Calvin Klein manages to develop high fabrics with satin look in striking color palettes, with liquid type finishes to give life to the material, making this category something unique in the brand.

In the trousers we find fabrics inclined towards the gabardine, pipings in velvet, light cotton, as well as reversible bottoms that give them novelty and a subtle freshness of season to the category. Meanwhile, the sweaters are 100% driven by the texture, cozy fabrics and solid color again, which make this garment a completely new program for Calvin Klein.

La colección incorpora a su vez el algodón modal, el cual introduce novedad a través de la silueta, la fabricación y el diseño. En suma, Calvin Klein incorpora este otoño una suma enriquecedora con su mezcla de bloques de color, rayas y detalles de textura, que en contraste hacen de esta categoría un básico esencial, reinventando además la forma tradicional de prendas como el blazer, convirtiéndolo en un tipo de trench versátil para toda ocasión.

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