Red is the fashion trend color for this autumn/winter 2022/23.

Color passion red, royal red, sensual red. But these are not the only visions and interpretations for this intense color: the Fall-Winter 2022/2023 fashion has re-proposed it in a brilliant key reminiscent of the color of flames, becoming enveloping, even playing the most fetishists thanks to the use of vinyl material. And not only that: it does not skimp on elegance, becoming an element of contrast in the black and white bicolor. But it is not the only option: below you will discover the colors that combine with red.

We are not only talking about this year's Valentino red, but about many shades, from the most intense to the moving orange notes, proposed on the catwalk by different fashion houses. They color from head to toe, attracting attention: it is the persuasive velvet, the soft knit, but also the transparency of tulle and the shine of vinyl materials. Designers have given us many variations on the theme, from all-red looks to more daring color combinations.

Thue Nørgaard's graphic photo shoot, published in Vogue Italia in August 2022, emphasizes the use of red and black, which can be brightened up with a touch of white: the Versace jacket in macro houndstooth overlaps to a scarlet coat, while Moschino's minidress features a triad print. And that's not all: cream and vermilion are the ideal colors to combine with smoke gray for a more refined solution.

Color combinations to try

The polka dots will see the two-tone combination of red and black, a not too unprecedented version that is reinforced with the silk and lace slip dress and the pleat. The retro touch is broken up with pointe shoes or a sand-colored trench coat with a contrasting red trim. But this is not the only decline in fashion.

Red and purple

If you have never dared with this trending color combination, now is the time. In fact, it is one of Yves Saint Laurent's favorite proposals, where boldness is balanced by performance. In this case, amethyst, lavender or iris are the best colors to combine with red.

Red and blue (also denim)

But red can be 'cooled' with sky blue, ice gray and even washed denim. The goal is to create a simple and harmonious color combination that does not compromise on brightness: this is why it is suitable for between seasons or for an informal outfit.

On the other hand, an always valid combination is red combined with brown: they are colors that embrace and come together, thanks to their warm and enveloping base, so they are suitable from autumn to winter. Try them with a peach or dusty pink insert to lighten up the final look.

From pink to sand

Finally, the return of an accessory that can really change the final look: we are talking about red tights. Last year, stylists once again drew attention to this accessory amid milk-colored leathers, vibrant prints, and logo textures (not forgetting classic perforated lace). Now is the time to experiment, perhaps by wearing them over a minidress in pink or sand from Barbiecore.

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